Collection: Franck Louissaint (Haitian, 1949-2021)

Franck Louissaint was born on October 22, 1949, in Aquin, Haiti, and died on February 5, 2021. Franck completed part of his studies in Port-au-Prince and began to paint on his own. In 1969, he joined the Art Center and developed a hyper-realist art which he then went on to teach at the center. He is known for his street scenes and paintings of rural life. Louissaint may be categorized as a pivot painter, having made the transition from the style of painting termed naïve to the more stripped-down painting termed modern. (Biographical Source: La Peinture Haitienne/Haitian Arts by Marie-José Gardère and Gérald Bloncourt, Editions Nathan, Paris, 1986) “Highly motivated, Louissaint broke with the so-called primitive style to achieve an extraordinary degree of realism,” says art critic Gérald Alexis in his book Peintres Haitiens.