Burton Chenet Triptych- 28"x22" - Overall 28"x69" Forest Acrylic on Masonite Framed #1FC

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A beautiful triptych art of three panels each sized 22"x22" duly painted by the late Haitian master Burton Chenet.

Burton Chenet was born from an American mother and a Haitian father, on January 22, 1958, in Suffern, N.Y., died in 2012. He lived in Haiti and studied art at the Centre d'art in Port-au-Prince and from Visual Arts in N.Y. Burton's art transports you to an imaginary world where mystical beings derived from childhood tales and landscapes reveal their secrets. Burton "achieves a balance between the Haitian "naïve" tradition and modernity," says Gérald Alexis in his book "Peintres Haitiens". He exhibited in the U.S., Europe, and the Caribbean, and his art housed in important museum collections and cited in many Haitian art books. Get the book Peintres Haitiens here!

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