Joseph Augustin 16"x12" The Virgin Mary  Oil on Masonite #1321GN-HA

Joseph Augustin 16"x12" The Virgin Mary Oil on Masonite #1321GN-HA

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This painting is painted and signed by the Haitian artist from the Artibonite Department, Joseph Augustin. It depicts the image of the Virgin Mary holding a flower.  It's an original 16"x12" oil on masonite. 

Joseph Augustin was born in 1970 in Petite Riviere de L’Artibonite, Haiti.  A painter of the Artibonite Department, Augustin has always enjoyed painting scenes from the countryside. He also farms on his family’s land in Artibonite to fully support his family. Augustin learned to master his images with the late famous Haitian art teacher Ismaël Saincilus. He adopts the same unique style developed by Saincilus that depicts peasant life scenes and icons characterized by the precision a Byzantine style. 

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